OK, Soooooo let me tell yawl about that One OTHER Time I cussed this B**** out in CHURCH!!

AHT AHT now before you SUPER HOLY SAINTS come over here JUDGING ME,  YES I asked GOD for FORGIVNESS, NO I WASN’T WRONG and YES I’D CUSS HER A** Out Again!!

Now here’s the Back Story as to WHY

So Angel’s Daddy, Sperm Donor or Whateva I feel like calling Him because HE Ain’t S*** decided to go CHEAT a few months after she was Born Sleeping and got this Roach pregnant. Yeap I’m pretty much gon be PETTY during this STORY TIME.

It’s More Entertaining, Don’t Cha Think!?!?

Alright so after he got RoachAhRenna pregnant she thought it was a cute idea to Request ME on Facebook and invite ME to her funky a** baby shower!!! Yes yes I KNEW RocahAhRenna, and she KNEW we were in a funky a** relationship, but I didn’t know he knew her, let alone screwing her Ugly A**!  But anyways fast forward to once she had the Lil Baby or whateva, mind you she was f***ing with me during her WHOLE pregnancy because she knew I couldn’t whoop her a** or I’d go to jail and I ain’t go lie I DIDN’T and still DON’T wanna give Big Bertha My Snacks, be her GF just so she can PROTECT ME on the Inside!  Yeah I know I’m Dramatic!!

Well One Night RoachAhRenna thought it was a good idea to call my phone playing, and I was definitely in the MOOD for her BULLS***! So as she talking s*** about how this her baby daddy, and she took him from me, blah, blah just bulls*** talk… and YES I was still dealing with the fool a** cheater, yea I was dumb more so insecure. Anyways she talking s*** and I’m getting dress to go WHOOP her ass because she wasn’t pregnant NO MORE! So alright I pull up and start beating on the door “like B**** Open Up and get this A** Whooping H**” and this Fool Ass Cheating Ni**ah opens the door! He’s like “Chill, gon on with all that” but she runs to the bathroom locks the door and calls the POLICE, don’t worry I’m FIGHTING his ass at this point but errr ummm when he said she just called the POLICE I had to make a run for it because I already told yawl I didn’t want to go to jail!! So I get in my car and leave well this b**** calls my phone steady talking s*** and I’m like “alright but you didn’t want this a** whooping because you called them folks!” I don’t know what was said after that but all I do remember is this Mud Duck A** B**** said


Yea I’m a let that sink in real quick for ya!!! Yeah RoachAhRenna said that s*** yawl!! So after I stopped seeing RED because I couldn’t go back to whoop her a** because them folks had been called already!!


I told her



1st I noticed her UGLY Bald Head A** Mama talking to MY BEAUTIFUL MAMA, our families know each other because we all went to the same CHURCH here in AUSTIN. My mama leans in and say’s “be calm ok” I’m like Alright Mama we in CHURCH, I ain’t gon act No Big Fool, so I Thought!!! So here comes this Little Kid that looks familiar, looks up at me and says “Hi” with the biggest grin because HE KNOWS ME I’m HIS POOH 2! My Lil Dumb A** WAS STILL dealing with his Cheating Fool A** Daddy!

NOW This Is Where It Gets REAL Good Yawl, RoachAhRenna walks over to her Lil Ugly Bald Headed A** Mama and says “Gimmie My Baby” and thought I wasn’t gon follow her to FINALLY WHOOP HER A**.  So she walks over to some Brother in the CHURCH and tries to play it off as if she’s having a conversation with him… Nawl B**** WE GOTTA TALK!!! So I TAP Brother man on the shoulder and say “Excuse My Brother can I talk to Dis H** Real Quick?” His Eyes Got Real Buck and said “Yeah Gon Head!”

So I JACK RoachAhRenna up by her arm trying to find the bathroom to take her to, so I could flush her trash a** head down the toilet but all I found was a back corner and that was fine with ME!! I got so close in this b**** face, I wanted her to smell what I had for breakfast 2 weeks prior (which was a smoothie) mind you I still had this h** jacked up by the arm! So I said and I quote “BITCH I TOLD YOU WHEN I SAW YOU I WAS GON BEAT YO MUTHFUCKIN ASS & THE ONLY THING THAT’S STOPPING ME IS THE BLOOD OF JESUS RIGHT NOW!!” RoachahRenna tried to speak but I told her “BITCH SPEAK WHEN ASKED AND I AINT ASKED YOU SHIT!” So she SHET Up, but here comes her Lil Ugly Bald Headed Ass Mama, My Mama and Sister were standing watching all this unfold because they BOTH knew this conversation had to happen ONE DAY and it was THAT DAY!! So Lil Bald Head  gon say “Yawl shouldn’t let a MAN start ALL this Drama b/c yawl are Sisters in CHRIST!” I looked at her bald headed ass mama and said “BITCH THIS AIN’T GOT SHIT TO DO WITH A NI**AH” it’s the fact that “YO TRASH ASS ROACH OF A DAUGHTER said I GOT THE BABY YOURS IS DEAD!!” Lil Roachy tried to plead her case but I told her to “Shut the FUCK Up” and again SHE DID!! Lil Bald Head looked at her daughter like “Now Why Would You Say That?” Finally I was DONE with TALKING, it was TIME to “BEAT HER MUTHAFUCKING ASS” but My Sister had already peeped I was about to do the DAMN FOOL in The LORDS House, so HER and My Mama came to save them BITCHES!! Now why would they do that?!?! They were supposed to let ME WHOOP RoachAhRennas ASS!!!!!!!  Anyways as they were calming me down Lil Bald Headed tired speaking to MY MAMA, now why would she do that?? I looked her dead in her eyes and said “BITCH DON’T SAY SHIT TO MY MAMA, YOU GON RESPECT HER!!” and GUESS WHAT she Shet Up Too, and started apologizing for her Lil Ugly Roach Ass Daughter’s Actions!! By then I was over it because clearly she (THEY) didn’t want that ASS WHOOPING!! As Lil Bald Head and RoachAhRenna scurried away looking all shook, as they ass should’ve been, we get in the truck and drive off headed to Pappadeaux’s on 290; mind you the CHURCH was in 5th WARD! We get about 10 mins away from Pappadeaux’s  and my phones rings and guess who the fuck it is?!?!  It’s RoachAhRenna, and this bitch was talking that cash money shit! I swear I was Dying Laughing at this hoe because I was like “really bitch?!? You Big, Bad and Bold on this phone, but was HUSH Mouth on Stupid MUTE at the CHURCH!!!!!! I told this bitch and I quote again “EAT A D*** BITCH, IM DONE PLAYING WITH YO OL SCARY ASS, JESUS SAVED YA, BUT NEXT TIME THE DEVIL GON BE ON YO ASS!!”  Oh I forgot “I told her to have a BLESSED SUNDAY Too!!”


My bad for all the EXTAR HARD CUSSING but it was needed to tell this STORY!!

MAMA I’m SOWRRY, I Promise I’ll Stop Cussing!!

But don’t worry, I STILL GOT SOME S*** TO SAY!!

XOXO AnikaCamelle

  1. Donyelle Harrington

    February 1, 2019 at 9:09 pm

    Now this worth waiting for, thanks for sharing! U know sometimes u just got to be real and she know she wasn’t ready! She didn’t want none of it! Much love ❤️ lady! Can’t wait for the next blog

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